Quest for Elfstedentocht

Very often I’m asked this question- “what convinced you to pursue a career in sustainable energy”. The innocuous question would evoke an overwhelming response from my end, I would go into a long winding explanation of how the planet needs saving as a consequence of our decadent lifestyles and lack of political will. To add to it corporate adamance to stay the course of maximising profits has set us on the path of destruction. What’s at stake?

The Arrow of Time

Year 2021 has cracked open with the promise of surprises. It shall be an interesting year, and the scent of uncertainty already hangs thick in the air. But, the novelty of the future is the fabric of our existence. Life’s surprises, good or bad, keeps us going! In this two-part series, we explore the unidirectionality of time and why uncertainty of the future will always be the way of life.

‘Tis the Season for Science

This festive season might be a maverick one- no Christmas markets or huge dinners with family and friends (P.S- Look out for a modified EFPT Christmas dinner this time around). So we thought of taking you on a ‘ scientific ‘ exploration of this season’s festivities. Wear your EFPT thinking caps, grab a glass of mulled wine and ring in the spirit of celebration!!

Tête-à-Tête Series- Prof. Jerry Westerweel

The fluid mechanics lab at TU Delft performs a range of fundamental studies that lead to design of energy efficient systems and processes. From ships to sporting equipment to biological flows, the scope of research within the lab is far-reaching. Westerweel, the current chair of the lab, is an experimentalist whose notable contributions lie in the field of turbulence. Having digitized the Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) technique, Jerry has used PIV in studying many types of flows, one of the most interesting flows being the blood flow in the beating heart of a chicken embryo.

Dispuut Prescott Joule - Lyke van Dalen

Know your Dispuut- Reflections on the board year

“To put it simply, the student board is here to help students in any way possible, make them happy and ease their time at TU Delft”, says Lyke van Dalen, former Chairwoman of Dispuut Prescott Joule. Sounds quite simple, but there is a lot of behind the scenes action that we want to unravel. So, we sat down one Saturday morning with Lyke to discuss the responsibilities of the Dispuut, the role of the student body in it and how to make the best of our time at TU Delft. 

Tête-à-Tête Series- Prof. Bendiks Jan Boersma

For our first interview, we sat down for a chat with our Head of Department, Professor Bendiks Jan Boersma, to discuss the structure and organization of the department, our research goals and the opportunities TU Delft offers for its students.