At any given moment, upwards of 70 of our students are looking for an industry internship within the same year. Meanwhile, 70 more students are finishing their studies (MSc) within the year, preparing for a position in the industry. All students have the theoretical knowledge, numerical and experimental skills, and practical hands-on experience they need to develop the next generation of energy and process technologies. 

 Are you looking to expand your business with bright minds, and find new colleagues? See our possibilities of meeting students below.



The dispute organises 3 EPT Drinks in a quarter. At those drinks both first- and second year master students, as well as PhD students and other members of the faculty are present. All attendees are provided with dinner and drinks. Before the drinks, a company is welcomed to give a pre-drink lecture or presentation on any topic of their choice. The pre-drink lecture and drinks are an accessible way for students to approach representatives of companies that operate in their field of interest. 


In cooperation with a company, a casestudy can be presented to a group of students. The students are asked to work on a problem proposed by the company. The problems are to resemble cases that are worked on by the company itself. By subjecting students to such case studies, a thorough hands-on impression of the daily course of activities and possibilities within the company is found.


The company dinner is hosted yearly near the end of the academic year. At this dinner, a limited number of students is invited to come into contact with the companies co-hosting the event. All interested students are asked to send in their résumé. Attending companies can then choose what students will be attending from the group of sent-in CV’s. Before the dinner, there is room for introductory presentations from every attending company. The company dinner offers a more intimate and personal way for students to approach representatives of companies that operate in their field of interest.


Are you interested in engaging with our active and bright group of students, but are none of the above options suitable? As we have direct lines of contact with all students and the department, much is possible. Contact us, so we work towards a solution that is more favourable for your business.

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