ExxonMobil is a company where people think independently, take initiative, and help shape the future of energy. We greatly value diversity in ideas, skills, knowledge, and culture. Our corporate culture is open, with an international mindset and down-to-earth approach.

The candidates we seek are driven, results-oriented, and eager to get the best out of themselves. No matter which job you start in, your development never stops. We warmly invite you to explore a world full of possibilities with us.

At our production sites in the Port of Rotterdam, we offer challenging internships for students. For example, you could work on reducing water usage or improving the energy efficiency of one of the operational units. This way, as a student, you can already make a positive and valuable contribution to a cleaner future.

In addition, there are entry-level positions for when you have obtained your MSc. degree. As a “Graduate Engineer,” you will be placed in a position within the company that aligns well with your background and where you immediately take on responsibilities for the daily follow-up of the plant. How cool is that!

Through the job rotation system, you will continue to develop in various positions within the company throughout your career. This way, you are prepared as part of the new generation of leaders of the future. Are you in?

Witteveen+Bos offers its clients value-added consultancy and top-quality designs for water, infrastructure, environment and construction projects. With a staff of more than 1.450 employees, we are part of the top ten Dutch engineering and consultancy firms. We use our high-end expertise to resolve complex issues and are a committed partner for our clients. Our vision is to offer the very highest level of quality. This means: aiming to be very good at what we do, collaborating with other top experts, and maintaining a culture of entrepreneurship and trust.

Host is harnessing innovation to solve pressing challenges. By transforming methane-emitting waste into renewable biofuels, renewable gases, and heat and power, and leveraging cutting-edge technology they drive the transition towards cleaner energy solutions. With an innovative spirit and a commitment to global deployment, they aim to lead the energy transition while offering economically viable and environmentally impactful technologies and services.

RAG’s business focus is market driven storage, conversion and conditioning of energy in gaseous forms. The company has gas storage capacity of about 6.3bn cubic metres of natural gas, or about 6% of total capacity in the EU. A large part of RAG’s gas fields have already been converted into storage facilities, which can rapidly discharge stored energy in large quantities on-demand. In this way RAG is delivering on its vision of “sustainable energy mining”, and decisively reinforcing security of supply in Austria and Europe.

Fronius is a technology leader in it’s sector, that finds, develop and implements innovative methods to monitor and control energy for welding technology, photovoltaics and battery charging. They forge new paths, try something difficult and succeed where others have failed in achieving what seems to be impossible.

PEC is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium with R&D and project management groups in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, the United States, China and Japan. The company offers solutions and expertise in Energy Storage Devices and Cash Operations of Central Banks.