What is BBBLS?

BBBLS is an innovative fast growing company based in Delft that offers the team a fun working environment, and a voice in the future of the company. We are a technology company that enables a modern agricultural revolution with a high sustainability impact:

  • We believe we can feed a growing global population with huge energy savings and no carbon emissions.  
  • Our climate control abilities stem from a double wall construction filled with soap bubbles, allowing for acclimatization of the system through a manageable, eco-friendly material. The soap provides insulation and adjustable UV light exposure. The goal is to create a desired growing climate, accounting for external climate and seasonality to provide the most favourable conditions for greenhouses.

Tiny Bubbles with Mighty Impact

BBBLS uses an innovative method of providing extra insulation for greenhouses with soap bubbles. This enables the production of high quality food with much less energy

500% Energy Efficiency

BBBLS greenhouses have been scientifically proven to deliver crops with only 20% the energy compared to conventional operations. And unprecedented light transmission at 82% PAR light transmission.

Who We Work With


Commercial growers face many challenges in today’s markets. Learn how BBBLS give growers an advantage by cutting costs and increasing profitability.


Students are already learning the future of food production. Check out the BBBLS greenhouse at a school in Røyken, Norway.

Why Should You Apply?

You are an environmental Virtuoso

You offer the grower in our greenhouses the tools to grow world-class food at 5 times less energy with zero CO2 emission.

If you want make a difference, become a part of our modern agricultural revolution with high sustainability impact. We can feed a growing global population with dramatic energy savings and no carbon emissions. Join our dynamic team in a fun working environment to make that difference.

We look for enthusiastic students who have:
  • Ability to simulate system performance in Matlab/Python or C++
  • Takes initiative working in a less structured environment and not being bothered by ‘this is not my job’
  • Fluent in English on a professional working level with the ability to think conceptually on academic level 
We have these kind of assignments
  • Industrial design, installation, operation, and performance of the climate control system as defined on project basis
  • Control, process flow, and instrumentation setup
  • Development of and further innovation in the climate control system
  • Selection of equipment, suppliers, and the technical management of those suppliers