THE dispuut

Dispuut Prescott Joule is the study association of the master track Energy, Flow & Process Technology (EFPT). It is responsible for organizing cultural, educational and social activities for its students and consists of a board and four supporting committees. These four committees are: Study Tour, External Affairs, Events & Education, and Our TU. The board consist of a chair(wo)man, a treasurer and one member for each committee. The board members are your contact point for all your general and personal questions about the Dispuut activities. The board also functions as a link between the student body and the university and aims to improve the quality of your master experience.

Study Tour

The study tour committee is responsible for organizing the famous annual study trip. This trip is the perfect opportunity for students to visit a foreign country, with a balance between companies visits and holiday. In the previous years we have been to countries like Japan and Canada! The committee plans the logistics, company visits, activities and some extra funding. This year they also organized the first EPT introduction weekend.

External affairs

The External Affairs committee organizes the pre-drink lectures, case studies and company excursions. The highlight of the year is the Company Dinner (usually in Q3/Q4) at which students can meet different companies during a fancy dinner in a restaurant in Delft. The committee is the contact point for the industry and can provide EPT students with great internship, thesis or job opportunities.

Events & Education

The Events & Education committee is concerned with both the quality of education, and the organisation of several social events throughout the year. For the first time last year they also organized a thesis day, where EPT researchers showcase their current and future research, and an alumni day, where former students were invited to relive their days at the faculty. The member of the committee are also the link between students, the lectureres and the track coordinator. They take care of all course evaluations, taken once quarterly, after the exams. The evaluations are then discussed with the lecturers to improve the quality of education for the master track.

Our TU

New this year is the Our TU student growth programme. Through Our TU, all new students are divided in internationally diverse groups and assigned a coach (a second year student). In your coach you will have a contact point for any questions related to your life as an student. We expect the coaches to be of help both academically as well as personally, with their gained personal experience. Throughout the year, coaches will meet with students to track their progress and their well-being. In addition to these volunteering students, the Our TU programme features a pool of PhD students that will help bridge the gap between students and the scientific staff. As they work on research on a daily basis, they can help you gain insight in various thesis topics, and research possibilities. The TU also offers a great amount of supportive and counselling staff. With just little effort by a group of coaches, students will be able to focus on their personal development. As a result, the students are expected to be more academically focused and socially engaged.