THE dispuut

Dispuut Prescott Joule is the study association of the master track Energy, Flow & Process Technology (EFPT). It is responsible for organizing career, educational and social activities for its students and consists of a board to oversee and organize these activities. The board members are your contact point for all your general and personal questions about the Dispuut activities. The board also functions as a link between the student body and the university and aims to improve the quality of your master’s experience.

Study Tour

The board is responsible for organizing the famous annual study trip. This trip is the perfect opportunity for students to visit a foreign country, with a balance between company visits and holiday. In the previous years, we have been to countries like Japan and Canada!

Career Activities

The board organizes the lunch lectures, case studies and company excursions. The highlight of the year is the Company Dinner (usually in Q3/Q4) at which students can meet different companies during a fancy dinner in a restaurant in Delft. Through these activities EFPT students can acquire great internship, thesis, or job opportunities.

Events & Education

The board organizes several social events throughout the year, like after-exam drinks and a variety of sports events. During these events EFPT students can get to know each other better and unwind a bit from studying. The board is also in close contact with the master coordination and has regular meetings with them to discuss the quality of education of the master track.

Events & Education

The board, together with the master coordination, organizes the introduction week for all new EFPT students in the first week of the first quarter. Here the students will learn more about the process & energy department and have lots of opportunities to get to know each other before the study year officially kicks off.