Here's a list of DMT internships and theses:

Developing a technological concept for the selective separation of N2 and O2 from biogas streams.

More and more landfill sites are starting to harvest the biogas that is produced by the rotting process of organic materials. This great example of turning waste into a valuable product does not come without challenges. As the landfill site is covered with plastic, a vacuum is used to suck out the gas. As most sites are not 100% sealed, also ambient air is sucked in, creating a mixture of methane gas with air. As the nitrogen and air content of the gas are to high to be utilized as natural gas replacement, additional upgrading of the gas is required. Therefore, DMT is looking for technology that is able to selectively remove nitrogen and oxygen from the gas. As potential solution route we are mainly focussing on adsorption based technology.

Electro chemical conversion

As society is moving to a circular economy, fossil based fuels and chemicals will be steadily replaced with more environmental friendly alternatives. One of the alternative routes is based on the electro chemical conversion of CO2 (from emissions) into hydrocarbons. Through this process CO2 is chemically recycled into zero or negative emission fuels and chemicals. DMT is currently working on the techno economical evaluation of this process and the development of a prototype installation to demonstrate the possibility of converting the off gas streams that are produced during biogas upgrading into useful hydrocarbons (such as oxalic acid, formaldehyde, ethylene and others).

Internship : In-depth review and modelling of zeolites for biogas upgrading

DMT is active in the field of sustainable energy and environmental technology. We specialize in the development and building of cleantech, such as biogas upgrading installations. Currently we are working on pressure swing and temperature swing adsorption (PSA/TSA) for biogas upgrading. The adsorbent that is used in the adsorption column has a large effect on the quality of the upgraded biogas and the design of the system. For our pilot plant, we are considering zeolites as adsorbents. Your assignment will be an in-depth literature review about the characteristics of one or two benchmark zeolites. Additionally, you will model the zeolite in a PSA system using ASPEN (or similar software).