DMT Environmental Technology

Who we are

DMT Environmental Technology is a company that specializes in Engineering and delivering turn-key installations that help companies to contribute to the environment in a sustainable and profitable way.
Today, DMT’s core business is biogas upgrading, desulphurization and resource recovery. The company has build up expertise in removing impurities from the biogas in order to achieve biomethane that can be used as green gas for injection into the grid, CNG or LNG purpose.
Different technologies such as pressurized water scrubbing, membrane technology and pressure swing adsorption and temperature swing adsorption have been developed and applied. All of this technologies have been introduced to the market and have resulted that DMT has become world market leader in biogas upgrading.

DMT vision and mission

Our mission is to create a clear and prosperous future. This means we want to develop cleantech that contributes to a wealthy and sustainable future.

DMT development activities

Our product development team and start up teams are focussed on expanding the horizon and develop platform technologies based on adsorption, membranes, biological, catalytic and electrochemical processes These technologies will be applied in the field of renewable fuel production (biomethane, hydrogen, renewable methanol, DME, Biokerosine and others), Carbon capture and utilization (CCUS) and conversion of CO2 into valuable products.

We need you!

We are looking for highly motivated and skilled interns that can contribute to these developments. Do you have an chemical or a mechanical engineering background, are you a team player but also not afraid to solve some engineering challenges on your own? Do you have a entrepreneurial mindset and interested how to combine technology with economics and you drive is to make a difference? Than you should come to DMT.

What do we offer

When we have an agreement, we will provide you with an office place including laptop and you will receive a monthly fee for your work. We have the possibility to provide you free housing during your internship period at an apartment of the city center of Joure.*
If you prefer to stay at Delft, we can have internships where you can work from distance. We will supply you with a DMT laptop and we will have regular virtual team meetings. Once every (two) week(s) either an employee of DMT will travel to TU Delft or intern travel to Joure to have face-to-face meetings.
We really try to make your stay at DMT as best as we can. That is why in our intake conversation we will try to find the best internship or create an internship that really matches with your expectations. We believe that motivation is key to be successful.

*Only limited places available