ZEF More info on ZEF What we do? ZEF (Zero Emission Fuels) develops a small scale chemical factory (the micro-plant) that converts CO2 from the air into methanol. This renewable methanol can either be used as a fuel or as feedstock in the chemical industry. Each micro-plant is the size of a coffee machine …

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Here’s a list of DMT internships and theses: Developing a technological concept for the selective separation of N2 and O2 from biogas streams. More and more landfill sites are starting to harvest the biogas that is produced by the rotting process of organic materials. This great example of turning waste into a valuable product does …

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BBBLS  What is BBBLS? BBBLS is an innovative fast growing company based in Delft that offers the team a fun working environment, and a voice in the future of the company. We are a technology company that enables a modern agricultural revolution with a high sustainability impact: We believe we can feed a growing …

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YER PARTNER IN ARBEIDSBEMIDDELING YER is een internationaal arbeidsbemiddelingsbureau voor vaste en tijdelijke functies, gericht op professionals met een Bachelor-, Master- of PhD-titel. In Nederland hebben we 9 kantoren en daarnaast zijn we ook gevestigd in de Verenigde Staten en België. We zijn al sinds 1987 actief in de arbeidsbemiddeling en inmiddels uitgegroeid tot een toonaangevende internationale …

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Chemical Plant Design Declining electricity prices of renewable sources like solar & wind open several exciting new opportunities. One of these opportunities is the production of synthetic fuels using low cost renewable energy. In this workshop, we will design a chemical plant in under 4 hours: One that creates Methanol from water and CO2 as …

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Here’s a list of NAVINGO events: Career Event – Offshore Wind As a student in Energy, Flow and Process Technology you might be interested in wind energy. Navingo hosts the Career Event ‘Working in Offshore Wind’ on the 10th of December. Are you interested? Visit the link to find the details. 


NAVINGO NAVINGO events Introduction: Navingo is a media company, specifically facilitating the maritime and offshore industry. With experience, knowledge and reach, Navingo can optimally meet your businesses media needs and requirements. By sharing our relevant online- and offline media expertise, Navingo brings together the world of maritime and offshore energy. As the global environment is changing …

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What we have to offer

What we have to offer PRE-DRINKS LECTURE The dispute organises 3 EPT Drinks in a quarter. At those drinks both first- and second year master students, as well as PhD students and other members of the faculty are present. All attendees are provided with dinner and drinks. Before the drinks, a company is welcomed to …

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ExxonMobil is a company where people think independently, take initiative, and help shape the future of energy. We greatly value diversity in ideas, skills, knowledge, and culture. Our corporate culture is open, with an international mindset and down-to-earth approach. The candidates we seek are driven, results-oriented, and eager to get the best out of themselves. …

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